First time with Muse today


Hello everyone! I am relatively new to meditation. I started out a few months ago with the Headspace app and just finished my 104th straight day of guided meditations at 20 minutes each. Today I did 20 minutes of unguided meditation via headspace and then attempted using the Muse for 5 minutes for the first time. All in all, I think I did okay, but I was wondering what you all thought. I realize that this is a work in progress, but I am curious how you think I did, because I personally was expecting worse results for my first time out. In the five minutes, I was 78% calm, 33 birds, 769 calm points and 1 recovery.

Also, I was wondering what the difference between the Muse app and the Muse Monitor app were and when one should be utilized over the other.

Thanks so much for the feedback.


Really? Nothing but crickets?


I think you have done very well for the first time. I have been meditating for the last 6mos and tend to have an active mind, but I am working on it. I just received MUSE for Christmas and am impressed with my 34% calm as it has improved over the daily sessions that I have done so far. It has taken some time to get used to and I find that the Rainforest soundscape works best for me. I find it interesting how the sounds can really effect me. Overall I am interested and happy with MUSE. I am still exploring it’s functions and look forward to exploring what MUSE has to offer while improving my meditation experience. I am not aware of the difference between the Muse app and the Muse Monitor app.



Thank you so much for the feedback Chrissy!!! Best of luck in your journey!


Those results sound great.

Muse monitor just visualizes the raw data in real time or can be recorded. You can also graph the recording in excel with a macro or on the website after you’re done. It doesn’t give you any active feedback during the session.

It would great if you could use muse app for the season and then look at the graph in muse monitor later.


so you have to either use the Muse app or Muse Monitor, but not both at the same time?


Correct. Unfortunately, the Muse headband can only connect to one app at a time.