For those Interested: NeuroTechX will be hosting a Webinar on how to use your Muse for Cognitive Neuro Research


Hi everyone!

My name is Sydney and I’m one of the co-founders ofNeuroTechX, an International community of neurotechnology enthusiasts. We will be hosting a webinar which will be presenting the work of one of our community members, Dano, called EEG Notebooks: An Accessible, Affordable, and Scalable Cognitive Neuroscience Research Platform.

This project has developed a wide variety of open source experiments for the Muse headband. During the Webinar you’ll get a chance to learn more about the project and discover new ways that you can use your device. The webinar will be happening on July 24th at 12 pm Eastern Time. If you are interested in joining us and want more details, sign up here!


Hi Sydney!

Thankyou for the good news! This is very useful for me since I’m in very early stage to used muse eeg for my neuroscience research. See you in the webinar!

Best Regards