Frequency versus Amplitude


I am getting some very nice real-time, color-coded displays showing RawFFT power levels for 129 bins across 4 channels, plus my fifth channel is the average of the four.

It is fun to stare at the fluid display while trying to influence the brightness levels.

I discovered there are two things I can do with relaxation practice…

  1. I can decrease my average frequency, so the low numbered bins become brighter and the high numbered bins become dimmer (frequency change).

  2. I can decrease my average power amplitude across all bins, so ALL bins become dimmer (amplitude change).

Number 2) seems easier to do and more dramatic then number 1). Although both effects usually occur together.

Question: Are both effects caused by “relaxation”? Should developers use 1) or 2) in building their apps?

Somebody suggested maybe 1) is my brain waves and 2) is my head muscles :wink: