Gamma wave meditation


Hello, I had an interesting eeg result the other day where it was unusually all in the active zone however I felt much more in a ‘meditative zone’ than normal. Then I read about gamma wave meditation. Can someone confirm that this would be the picture of gamma wave meditation whilst normal ‘calm’ meditation is alpha wave meditation?


You can easily obtain the same effect with hyperventilation.
I will take a closer look at the eeg composition in order to understand differences with gamma meditation


This is very interesting, and although explains some anomalies also throws a spanner in the works too.

These gamma waves have more recently come to the forefront. Long term Buddhist monks who have thousands of hours of meditation can access the state you have experienced very readily, and in this state demonstrate this almost comparative epileptic phenomena. However Gamma waves in mediation seem to have a focus from the left brain, usually.
As the brain settles into meditation through beta, alph and then theta there seems to be a point, bearing in mind that most neurological circuits seem to be inhibitory feedback processes, there is a tipping point where the theta state no longer maintains an inhibitory control, consequently this phenomena and experience breaks out, associated with an intense universal connected experience. ( dare I say “Is this our natural state?”) Now, from my experience when very deep there has been the auditory feed back that has been paradoxical pulling me out of meditation, by giving me auditory cues that I’m in cognitive processing, and scrambling the experience.
Certainly in mediation peaks of beta are expected and necessary as needful material surfaces to be dismissed or dealt with, using the auditory feed back to keep gently on track works, but what you have highlighted is very different. I’m really a novice on this forum, and need to learn more from scholarly work in this field. Let’s hope there is someone much more enlightened to show us what’s happening here, I think the gamma waves are a sort of a flip side, holy grail. Please respond and discuss to clarify.


I had actually come on the forum today to clarify this very issue, synchronously your post was the very first to appear. This may be more important in the journey than it appears at first.


Well I hope we find some clarity soon Brother Michael and that your journey may always be pleasant.


How do you know you were experiencing gamma waves? The Muse app graphics do not show gamma waves. They just show that you were in a highly active state. It is a big leap to assume you were in a state dominated by gamma. Try to reproduce this state while recording under Muse Monitor, which will graph the brain waves. If the Muse Monitor graph shows high gamma, then you can be sure that you are in a high gamma state. Until then, all of this is speculation.


Well it was a highly meditative state (more than usual) and the eeg is atypical for me as it is in a very narrow band of active. Normally when your mind is active the eeg extends into the normal range as well.

Just as you can assume that calm mediatation is dominated by alpha I would think it reasonable that this state could be dominated by gamma as this type of gamma meditation seems to be well documented.

However I will be looking into using muse monitor or muse direct although this ‘gamma state’ is quite rare for me.