Getting started with LibMuse iOS & MuseStatsIos?



I’ve been playing around with LibMuse for iOS and the MuseStatsIos example, and I have a basic grasp on what does what, but I’m having trouble building out from here. I’ve only been working with Xcode/Obj-C for a few months, so my lack of experience is the main thing slowing me down.

For an initial goal, I’m trying to get my app to display one of the Muse’s accelerometer values. I understand that [B][self.muse registerDataListener:self.loggingListener type:IXNMuseDataPacketTypeAccelerometer][/B] is required in [B]AppDelegate.m[/B], and I have the following code in [B]LoggingListener.m[/B], which prints the first accel value to the console:

- (void)receiveMuseDataPacket:(IXNMuseDataPacket *)packet
    switch (packet.packetType)
        case IXNMuseDataPacketTypeAccelerometer:
            NSLog(@"Pitch: %@: ", packet.values[0]);

I placed a label on my storyboard and set it up as an outlet via [B]ViewController.m[/B], but I do not know how to get my accel value from [B]LoggingListener[/B] into the text of this label and keep it constantly updating.

Of course I want to do much more than this long-term, but any guidance towards achieving this first step is much appreciated!



I’m having the same issue, did you ever find a solution to this?