Golang app using Muse


Hey guys,

I’m a Golang developer and I want to create an open source Golang app that uses Muse headband data. First off, is this something possible license-wise?

I want to be able to retrieve EEG data and power bands to process them the way I want and analyze them.

I’ve been through your documentation and from what I gather:

  • either I try to connect to the headband through Bluetooth and parse the raw packets
  • either I use Muse-IO to do the “dirty” work and I try to parse the OSC packets

I think the best option is the second one, basically writing my own MuseLab in Golang. Is this the correct approach?

If so, is there any kind of documentation regarding the content of OSC packets Muse-IO or should I just capture them and see what’s in them?


PS: here’s my github https://github.com/asticode


I’d recommend the second type too; It was over a year ago now, but I had success using go-osc to register to streams being served by muse-io. You can see my code here: https://github.com/padster/go-muse/blob/master/server.go

In terms of what is in the packets, your best best is looking at the documentation here:


Thanks a lot for the reply! I will take a look at your code + the link you posted.

Thanks a bunch