Graphing CSV data from Muse Monitor



I get this error when trying to run:
you can’t paste this here because the copy area and the paste area are not the same.
If I click on debug it highlights this line:
Columns(“AM:AM”).Insert Shift:=xlToRight, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove


Please email me at Send me a sample data file that fails with the error and let me know what version of Excel you’re using.


I’m getting an undefined variable error with the latest version of muse monitor and excel 2003.

It could be operator error, not sure what settings should be checked in muse monitor.


Please email me at Include a screenshot of the error. Same goes for anyone else having problems! Email me! :slight_smile:


The Muse Monitor website has now been updated to include fully illustrated step by step instructions on installing my graphing macro as well as a video version.


Thank You… added the custom ribbon option to my excel worksheet as instructed perfectly…


Here’s another screenshot of two graphs I created using the Excel Script with MuseMonitor data. It too is from another hypnosis session. There are two graphs because I did two sessions, one as is, and one after I added some Isochronic tones to the recording to see if it would change. It did. Here’s the screenshot of both graphs. It’s only a 17 Minute Session. But I was able to almost duplicate my earlier experiment using this new recording.


A good resource to explain the results I’m getting in my graphs concerning the addition of isochronic tones.


what does this error mean?


Please try out the new online graphing at! :slight_smile:

This will avoid all Excel version compatibility issues!! If you want to use an older version of Excel, get the latest script from and change variable OldExcel=False to OldExcel=True at the end of the Settings section (~line 16).


Now it has Absolute
Maybe you could add

Discrete frequency

In the future?


Don’t worry, they’re all on my TO-DO list :wink:


Accelerometer and Gyroscope have now been added :slight_smile:


Hi @Enigma644 ,

What is the sample rate of the gyroscope data?
I just found for the accelerometer (52 Hz).

Gyro is measured at degrees per second at a range +/- 1000

Thank you



Interestingly it’s not mentioned anywhere in the docs!.. but from looking at the data, I can tell you it comes out at the same rate as the accelerometer, so 52 Hz also.

@cbillard can you please update the preset docs to reflect this (if true!).


Do you have an ETA for the rest?


Suggestion: Option to show only
Brainwaves: Delta,Theta,Alpha,Beta,Gamma
Accelerometer : X,Y,Z
Gyro: X,Y,Z


?.. That’s already done:wink:


The option to show only the blue, only the green or only the red line