"Hacking" a calm Muse session


Hi Guys,

We discusses that roughly in another topic so I just wanted to create a dedicated one for all to share their methods (I call them hacks) to get a calm Muse meditation session.

Hack #1
I have experimented with a most powerful hack i know so far - diaphragmatic breathing. With that technique I can do 100% calm sessions. It simply switches the mind off completely. Just breathe as quickly as you can and as deeply as you can with no breaks in between. Give it a try and share your results. You can find more info about this method here:

Diaphragmatic Breathing: Techniques and Instructions

Let me know if you have your own hacks? :slight_smile:

Muse versus Emwave device

Interesting - that’s not how I would define diaphragmatic breathing. And the link you shared suggests 3 BPM as ideal. Over-breathing (unusually rapid and deep) is a different technique with different results IMHO.


Good call. Let’s name it “diaphragmatic over-breathing” :slight_smile:


I notice when I try "over-breathing” I get more active sounds from Muse. When I breathe regularly I can easily concentrate on breath and get mor calm state.


I guess it won’t work the same on everyone. Holotropic Breathing - is more accurate description of that method. Here is a bit more info:

I have also tried Wim Hof (aka Ice-man) Method. But this, to my experience, increases the pulse during breath hold thus increases the brain activity. Overall it’s great but not for Muse :slight_smile:

Another simple Hack #2 would be (and this seems to be unofficially confirmed by the Muse Support Team) to keep brain active during calibration and therefore increase the baseline. I tried this and it seems to work too but you won’t get any benefits from that like from holotropic breathing.


During calibration, I multiply two two-digit numbers in my head, with my eyes open. Then, during meditation, I still get feedback if my mind wanders into daydreams. But if I stay reasonably focused, I am scored as calm.


I’m calculating the Fibonacci Sequence :slight_smile:


During calibration, I count from 1 to 10 in English, then French, Spanish, Russian and German. That keeps my mind active. I think switching from language to language helps keep things active.

I fear that doing any math during calibration would just give me a bad attitude for the meditation session. :grinning:

When I first started using Muse, I tried to develop calmness during calibration. But that doesn’t make sense. You don’t want to skew the results by setting the bar too high. It does make sense that you’d want the calibration to be for an active mind, the base line from which you want to improve during the meditation session.


I’ve noticed the exact same hack working for myself as well. I breathe in and out deeply and quickly. Got about 61-63 breathes in 5 minutes. And hit 99% twice in a row doing this. I came to the method independently, but found your post when I started researching it online.

I come away from the session a little light headed, but I dont’ feel much calmer or anything like I think I should feel for having hit 99% for five minutes.