Has Muse abandoned Calm devlopment?


When I first bought my Muse headset months ago, Muse promised upgrades and new features that could be unlocked in future.
It is now [B]4 months[/B] later and the Calm software is still the same. I really like the Muse system, but would also like a better program with more features.

Are you guys still developing it, or is it abandon-ware?


Hi JQHald,

We’re currently re-developing the app natively, as well as working on adding multiple environments and a challenge based motivational architecture early in the new year. We’ll keep you posted!


I would like to suggest that Calm gets a small update related to streamlining the start-up process for a session. After calibration with the categories, the program asks you to again touch the screen to start a session. I suggest, because you are already sitting still, that the program announces, your session will start in 10 seconds, enjoy being calm so that you don’t have to move again, but just can remain seated. This could be an option or could be the default setting.


I agree with haberjr.


I would really appreciate if I can set the meditation time by myself rather than just having to select one. I want to sometimes meditate for 30 minutes or 25 minutes or just 6 minutes. So I prefer a slider and/or digital choice. I would like to set my own default settings.

I also need to be able to go above setting a goal of 12,000 points. Because my normal meditation time is 20 minutes, I easily overshoot this goal.


Yeah, the app should just slide from calibration into meditation. No need for tapping a button. I too would like to choose the time for my session, but I would also like to have a “stop now” button in case something comes up. The only thing to do right now is just cancel the session, and if it was going fine until the baseball came through the window, or whatever, I’d like to keep the session.