Headband Not working since recent App update


I sat down to meditate yesterday after missing a couple of days and noticed that the Muse app had been updated. It no longer does the preliminary brain scan but goes straight into the meditation. Unfortunately, even though my Muse is connected it does not seem to affect the sounds in my session. I get a gentle rain and wind no matter what my thoughts are and at the completion of my session I’ve had no calm thoughts. I’ve tried powering on and off and logging in and out of the App. I’ve done three meditations now and each has been the same. I can even turn the headband off halfway through and nothing changes. The sounds keep playing along. Is anyone else having this issue. I suppose it could be my headband but the timing seems suspicious.


Hi There. I seem to have the same problem on my on my Ipad / Mjse combo. Headband apparently connects ok, but the bird option has disappeared and the data I receive says that timed meditation completed without a headband? I will try connecting using Android… I havent used my Muse much in the last few months, but something happened betweeen Sep 20th and Sep 27th…


I loaded up the Muse app on my Android phone and everything is now working. I guess I will try to uninstall and re-install the app on my Ipad to see if it works after that…


I just updated my Muse app and now it doesn’t record from my headband. It’s the same problem as described by Ari Moses above. I also don’t have a choice of a guided meditation any more. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I’m paired to my iPhone and have a good signal.