Headset no longer working after a year and a half


Hi All,

I have had this headset for about a year and a half and now it had stopped working completely. I think it is a battery problem. I’ve outlined the behavior below; if anyone can help point me in the right direction to fixing this I’d be very thankful.

The behavior is:

  1. Press button, all lights are on and after 2 secs turn off
  2. Press and hold button 5-10 secs all lights are immediately on and after 2 secs turn off. Pairing is no longer possible.
  3. While charging cable plugged in, press button results in 4 lights with the 5th light blinking

BTW, the product is great and I have recommended to others, however I’d be really disappointed if it ended up being the battery as I was expecting the lifespan to be much greater than this given given it hasn’t had a lot of use while I have had it. Likely far less than 20mins a week on average.

Can anyone tell me what the life expectancy of a battery on this devices should be? Warranty is a year, manual refers to potentially 27 years. Could someone (preferably representing Muse) provide an answer on what the lifespan should be, backed up with customer experience?

Reference: Issues with battery level


Hi Keyman,

Please write to us at customercare@choosemuse.com and we will open a support ticket for you and get this resolved.


Thanks. I’ve been contacted already and a case has been opened. Customer care person said they expected healthy battery to last about 10 years.


In my experience, while the Muse headband is great, I have found their customer support to be much less than satisfactory. The people I have dealt with there have invariably been nice, pleasant, and said the right things. But it was all just talk.

My suggestion is to write to them and demand they fix it. If they don’t, get another one and take them to small claims court to get your money back.


I’m also having battery issues, and as a Toronto residence (their main HQ is in Toronto) I’m hoping they resolve my issue quickly as well. I really love the device and would love to support it, but for 339 cad all in I expected a bit longer battery life than 1.5 years and I always leave it plugged in or baby the battery.


My battery lasted 1.5 years and the great Muse customer support replaced it after a little email dialog. They were great and I wrote a great review on Amazin about their fantastic customer support.


The battery is definitely the weak point. If you’re handy with a soldering iron it’s replaceable

A shame they didn’t use some sort of replaceable battery or have a decent replacement option. When I contacted them I was advised to buy a new headband. Needless to say that I was not very calm!