Hello Muse Development



I am VERY new to this system. I’ve never developed an application for a bluetooth device before, so this is quite new to me. Please be kind, I’m a bit lost.

I was wondering, do I have to run the muse-io in order to access the Muse data on the localport 5000? How would I create a standalone application that communicates with the Muse?

I suspect… (this is only a guess) that this is currently the pipeline for getting from Muse to application.

Muse ----[bluetooth(raw byte stream)]----> Device Bluetooth Message Queue ----[muse-io]----> localhost:5000 ----[sockets]----> Application ProtoBuff Parser ----> Algorithm ----> Output

Where does OSC fit in all this?
How can I swap some of the software communication out so that I can deploy the SDK on a mobile application?
Do you have diagrams? (Google searching “Muse Developer” is not clear enough to get references for now; I’d like to help make applications to make Muse more popular and fix this)

Again, sorry for my newbie-ness.


UPDATE: sigh I just found the answer to most of my questions. (http://forum.choosemuse.com/forum/developer-forum/1053-creating-native-ios-application-for-the-muse-headband)

There is no direct communication at the moment, everything goes through data being made available on OSC port 5000.

Guess I’ll wait. I’m sorry for distracting you all.


We’ve provided a couple of examples of OSC receivers for the developer community to connect directly into iOS and Android.

They are public git repositories, you can download through git or as a zip file.

You can now find their links here:

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hey, Can the MUSE device actually gives the “ATTENTION LEVEL” of the user ?
I want the attention level reading from the device to implement it in my project. please help me out with the API’s to get the readings for the same.

just to be clear with my question, like we are getting API’s to receive ‘eye blink’ and ‘jaw_clench’, I want API to receive ‘attention_level’ values.
Is this function available in MUSE device?



Thanks! I will try it and let you know.