Help for muse connect with PC (win8.1) thanks= =||~~


hello , i am new here. And i am a developer form China. So my English is poor = =||.

I have a problem when i try to connect muse with PC using microusb.

My PC have no any react. NO COM, NO DEVICE but charging.

so i want to ask the every developer that ,which way can make them connect or cmmunication with others.

line? bluetooth?

thanks alot!!!


Hi there,

Muse only sends data though bluetooth. The USB connections only serve as a charging mechanism.

You will need to pair with bluetooth, (Hold for more than 5 seconds to get pairing mode, all lights flashing).

You can then connect to the device using Muse-io to get a data stream from your headband.


thank you very much, I will try it now!