[SIZE=15px]Hi Everyone,[/SIZE]

[SIZE=15px]I am a Wearhacks hackathon organizer from Ecole 42 in Paris, France, and would like to let you know that we are organizing a hackathon from the 22[/SIZE][SIZE=9px]nd[/SIZE][SIZE=15px] to 24[/SIZE][SIZE=9px]th[/SIZE][SIZE=15px] May 2015 in Ecole 42. Participants in the hackathon will be using hardware featured within this website as part of the programme, and we need mentors/guides to help facilitate the use of this hardware.[/SIZE]

[h=1][SIZE=21px]Questions:[/SIZE][/h] [B][SIZE=15px]What is our webpage?:[/SIZE][/B]

[B][SIZE=15px]Why are you posting this on our website?[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=15px]We are informing you about our hackathon because we are primarily looking for mentors to assist this event. The mentor’s role will be to teach participants about their respective technology/specialisation, and to help enrich the Hackathon with knowledge.[/SIZE]
[B][SIZE=15px]How will mentors be identified?[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=15px]Mentors will be identified using a piece of clothing, such as a shirt/hat that will indicate that they are mentors.[/SIZE]
[B][SIZE=15px]Will mentors be paid?[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=15px]No. Mentors will not be paid during this event. However, [/SIZE][I][SIZE=15px]they will benefit from interacting and networking with international like-minded individuals that are from Ecole 42, and beyond.[/SIZE][/I]
[B][SIZE=15px]What language will the hackathon be primarily based in?[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=15px]The instructional language of the hackathon will be in english. However, participants are likely to come from various regions of France and/or UK/EU. It would be helpful to know some basic French:) If not, the organisers of this event will be more than happy to help you.[/SIZE]
[B][SIZE=15px]What is the street address of the Hackathon?[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=13px]The hackathon will take place in Ecole 42 at the city of Paris.[/SIZE]
[I][SIZE=13px]Ecole 42[/SIZE][/I]
[I][SIZE=13px]96 Boulevard Bessières[/SIZE][/I]
[I][SIZE=13px]75017 Paris[/SIZE][/I]
[B][SIZE=15px]I am interested in participating as a mentor/participant during this hackathon. How do I contact you?[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=15px]Please go to our website at [/SIZE][SIZE=15px][U][/U][/SIZE][SIZE=15px], and register as a mentor.[/SIZE]
[B][SIZE=15px]I have further questions that are not reflected in this post/email.[/SIZE][/B]
[SIZE=15px]Please contact us at[/SIZE]

[SIZE=15px]Yours Truly,[/SIZE]