Help please! CSV code for graphing


Hi I’m running windows 10 with excel 2013 don’t know why put I’m clicking box just give me the code and it’s not copying to the clipboard. Can someone please just copy and paste it here fir me and I’ll do it that way if possible thank you very much


Are you talking about my Muse Monitor Excel Macro? If so, just scroll down the instructions and you’ll see a box that you can click labelled “Show/Hide Code”. Click that and you’ll see all the code and can manually select to copy it.

When you click the “Copy Code to Clipboard” or “Just Give Me The Code!” button it should copy to the clipboard. What browser are you using? I mainly test with Chrome.


Thank you was just my computer being stuck I think! I’ve got it all working and now trying to understand what they mean!! :pray::heart:


For graphing purpose i have used C programming using that i have done successfully but with the help of dell printer error 016-302 finally this is a new thing for me and really excited to learn.