Urgent support

I’m Claudio from the video below. I use Muse to communicate through writing.
I used Muse 2014 and bought a new Muse, but Museio does not respond.
I believe the calls MuseIO port 5000 and the Muse 2016 calls to 7000.
I need to urgently use the Muse with the new Muse. Help me.
I do not market the interface and I have no profit.
I depend on your support so I can continue to communicate.


Hi Claudio,

MuseIO does not connect to the 2016 Muse.
Instead, we recommend using Muse Direct ( which can be used to stream output via OSC to your local machine.


Okay, we were able to use the muse direct with Windows 10. But is there a way to use this muse 2016 with Windows 8?
and is it possible to use the oscP5 java library with muse 2016 and muse direct?