Hi guys, I have bought muse devices just today.Can you guys provide a link how to read the raw brain wave. I am using macbook pro.Any help will be appreciated

Hi guys, I have bought muse devices just today. Can you guys provide a link on how to read the raw brain wave? I am using MacBook pro. Any help will be appreciated

Sure where are you lost in the faqs, guides, and manuals?

I tried to execute the following code https://github.com/alexandrebarachant/muse-lsl
It is showing error,“Unable to auto-detect BLED112 serial port”, I am not using any external dongle, I am using macbook pro latest, And I downloaded muselab , it is not also connected with the device, Can you please help me out?

Those are 2 vastly different questions. Sounds like you need some tech support before you can learn how to read raw brain wave data, yeah?

yes…I am facing the connection error with the band.

You need to buy the dongle to make muse-lsl work with a MacBook.

You might find it easier to get the Muse Direct app or the 3rd-party Muse Monitor app. They allow you to view the data in real time and capture it to a file for later analysis. A lot depends on what you want to do and what technical/programming skills you have or have access to.