Hi! New PhD researcher here interested in meeting collaborators for a game design project


Hi everyone!

My name is Gabe Pappalardo. I’m a PhD I/O psychologist by training, but I’ve become very passionate about mindfulness meditation and want to create a videogame to expose the practice to a younger generation. I see that there are kits out there that plug MUSE data into the Unity game engine, and I’d love to connect with others who have dived into this work.

Some things about this project:

  • The Fog of Maya is explicitly NOT an educational game. It is meant to expose players to mindfulness, not train them in it. A standalone meditation training app will accompany the game for players who choose to deepen their practice. The game promotes concepts like flow, non-violence, and meditation primarily through characters, narrative, and game mechanics. Think “Avatar: The Last Airbender” but as a game.
  • Meditation is a peripheral rather than core game mechanic. The game is 2D action-adventure side-scroller. 95% of the game is running, jumping, sliding, swinging, solving puzzles, and disarming/evading (but not killing) adversaries. For instance the primary character ,Muktan, occassionally enters realms where the Fog of Maya is too dense to see forward. Quieting the mind lifts the fog, allowing Muktan to proceed.
  • This is an early stage project. The game’s narrative is well defined. Initial concept art and physics prototypes are under way. We’d love for the MUSE peripheral to allow for a true meditation experience to exist in the game.

If you’re interested in learning more or are working on similar projects, please reach out! I’d love to talk more! I’m interested in meeting developers and also researchers who may working on grants for which meditation data is desired.




Hey Gabe!

interesting idea you’ve got!

I am a software engineering student myself, and i recently bought myself a muse. Because i am interested in learning more about EEG, and to explore the usage of EEG data in contexts such as games.

Your project sounds really interesting to me, so I’m curious about the current state of your project.
If you ever need someone to test the application, I would love to help you with the testing of the game!
Or perhaps even with the development.

I would at the very least love to be kept updated on the project!

Kind regards,



Hey Luuk!

Thanks for reaching out! The project is very early stage, but a great team is forming around it. We have guidance from a veteran VG professor, a programmer, 3 artists, and a storyteller. I definitely could use more help with the MUSE integration. Let’s find some time to chat soon. What is your email? I can start getting you looped in on communications.




Hey Gabriel!
my apologies for the late reaction, I thought i’ve already posted an reaction, but apparently i didn’t.

My email address is sacation@live.nl, and i can see if i can be of any use in the MUSE integration. If the problem is receiving data from the muse, and you’re using c#. Perhaps this nuget package which i’ve recently open sourced can be of use: https://github.com/LuukEbenau/Muse

Kind regards,