High Delta waves when awake

Hello, I downloaded Muse monitor a few days ago and I’ve been using it quite a bit…I normally meditate but I was surprised to see that Delta waves were the most dominant whilst I was reading an article on my computer, followed by Alpha and Theta. Is this normal? Thanks!

Eye movement artifacts are very “loud” and show up in the range of delta waves, so that’s probably what you were seeing, especially since you mentioned you were reading at the time.

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aaah ok I see, thank you! So if I wanted to measure my ‘normal’ brain state I would have to do some other activity probably right?

Yes, aka in order to get accurate measurements, as little eye movement as possible is good.

Hello… I also have high delta results when the person performs an activity that is accustomed to do, why? I use Muse Monitor

Like I said, the most likely reason is eye movement