High Gamma found in Meditation (Not from Buddhist Monks)

This my first post here. I’m a techie from the facebook Muse Community. Muse online documentation about brainwaves says that “Gamma brainwaves have been observed to be much stronger and more regularly observed in very long-term meditators including Buddhist Monks.” Quite a few of our dedicated meditators that use Muse regularly show significantly elevated Gamma during meditation. We are rigorous and careful about avoiding movement and events that might cause artifacts. We’re wondering if anyone is updating information with regard to elevated Gamma brainwave dB?



During shamanic journeys, I did notice some Gamma increase but it’s Delta the more impressive.

Video EEG during Shamanic Journey

What are your figures ?

I’m dubious about anything above 20Hz after reading this study:
Scalp electrical recording during paralysis: quantitative evidence that EEG frequencies above 20 Hz are contaminated by EMG

We regularly have dominant Delta during our meditations. These are closed eye, motionless, nonvocal meditations. These are just my graphs, others in the group produce even higher dominant delta.

We’re using Muse to do the EEG so we only have the recordings in dB unfortunately.

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some members can produce dominant Gamma.

Hello and thank you for your post very interesting.
I’m new to this so bare with me but would like to ask what do you mean by ‘dominant gamma’ here ?

I notice the gamma line is predominantly at the lower end of the scale is this what it means ?

Also, have you some graphs to comparison to what this graph would look like for someone for example with non dominant gamma or perhaps would show a more standard fluctuation of these lines ?

Here are two MuseMonitor graphs from the Muse 1 Headsets. These are from very experienced meditators who kept still, eyes closed, no facial movement, no chanting or vocalizations. These show Dominant Gamma (well with Beta along for the ride). So in this case, yes Gamma is at the low end of the scale but in MuseMonitor the left hand is demarcated in decibels (dB) so the more parts of your brain that are producing the same brainwave the LOUDER the brainwave is and hence the higher its elevated on the chart.

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tonight’s meditation with high Delta.


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I seem to get similar readings to the one you’ve just posted but not sure if I’m selecting the correct sample in Muse Direct.

I am also using it to try find out if brainwave sounds can affect the readings particularly with the aim to increase gamma activity, but am a novice to this testing and the interface it uses.

What do you mean by shamanic journey? The term is ambiguous and can be related to many forms of experience.

It has been scientifically confirmed that the “meditation method that makes gamma waves extremely high” that you pointed out exists.
In the following literature, it is proposed to study various meditation methods used in various parts of the world by classifying them into three types of meditation categories with different characteristics.

Source: Focused attention, open monitoring and automatic self-transcending: Categories to organize meditations from Vedic, Buddhist and Chinese traditions
Fred Travis, Jonathan Shear

Hi Ted, this particular research is very useful. How is your gamma wave research progressing?

Hi Craig, I also am interested how much progress Muse and Mind Monitor practitioners have made in gamma wave research. I have progressed somewhat since we last spoke with some lab results.