Horseshoe Indicator Not Working



In Muse Lab 1.6.2 with muse-io 3.6.2 the horseshoe indicator doesn’t show the sensors colors to know if they are placed correctly. There are no blinking colors, it’s just blank.

In Muse Lab 1.6.1 with muse-io 3.4.0 I had to use “muse-io --dsp” command/argument to show the horseshoe indicator.
I read that in this new muse-io version --dsp argument is the default behaviour.

Do i need to type a different argument to show the horseshoe indicator in this new version?


Yes, looks like the horseshoe indicator is indeed not working properly with the MuseIO 3.6.2 and MuseLab 1.6.2. Our team is aware of the bug and we’ll include a fix for it in the next update to the SDK.

Thanks for letting us know!