How can I count blinks?


Could anyone pleas help me how should accumulate number of blinks ?
I got muse connected and stayed normal for 1 minute, and I run the program again and keep continuously blinking for another 1 minute. unfortunate the Totalblinkcount is almost the same ~= 1 per sec.

why the attached code does not help



Dear Ibrahim,
I have observed the blink detection to show this ~1 per second behavior. It is usually caused when the band is not worn properly, or unsymmetrical. Have you tried re adjusting the band?

Also, I would as you to also check for Clench and HeadBandOn events. Are those working properly?


Hello Ali,
Thank you for tour reply, I think the problem is who to parse the blink values.

could you please help me how to please the blink value (Boolean)?