How can I get my sessions to last as long as possible?


I’m using Muse for a self-hypnosis technique that probably requires sessions to last for hours without pausing due tp drops in signal quality - the longest I’ve been able to get it to last is around 15 minutes. Any suggestions on anything I can do?


Are you moving at all? physically? I’ve had sessions last for 1 hour+ and no signal drop issues.

If you are being still, have you troubleshot it? (Tried another bluetooth recording device)? because with only 2 devices, it’s pretty easy to troubleshoot.


I agree ive also went very long sessions with no issues. Have you tried using noise cancelling headphones? ( the big ones that go over your ears) i find in using them they hold the headband snug on my ears fron the headset pushing on them as well as snug to my forehead because they hold everything tight. Might be worth a try