How can I tranfer data from My phone app to the computer?


I have several questions.
1.When I use muse app.I can read the focus score and mind winder times.Can these numbers transfer to the muse lab software? Becuase I need to use muse to do research and I only see the EEG example.I donow know where I can read these numbers?
2.How can I transfer Muse app record data to my computer muse lab and collect these data to analzy?
3.I want to use muse to test what kinds of people could have a better potencial to benefit from meditation practice ?And In their place they can not use cellphone so they cannot download the app.If I want to them use muse to test the ability of meditation.What shall I do? Shall I buy cellphone to pair the muse for everyone?Or I can just pair with my computer to monitor all of people’s data?

4.I also got a pair problem with My computer.One computer can discovered Muse but when I open Museio there is full of screen about non stop to show failure connections.I Cannot find a space to type the comment and connect with muse lab. And another computer totally can not find muse? How can I solve these problems?

5.Is it possible you could provide a technician email address so I can contact and get constently help with?.And it is hard to contact with cellphone.Do you have any online media I can talk to someone about the technical problems?

6.Muse monitor this software what is it for ? Is it just for a app using in the phone ?

My lab is getting start to use muse asap so Could you reply my questions asap so I can start to apply muse asap.

Many thanks and look forward to your reply asap


There is no way to get the raw EEG data from a Muse Meditation session that I’m aware of.

However, you can record with Muse Monitor and then play this back in Muse Lab. Instructions for doing this are on the Muse Monitor website and in the App help.

If you are having problems with Muse-IO, then Muse Monitor can also help you with this. There is a built in streaming option which will stream directly to a computer running Muse Lab, again full instructions for this are in the app help and on the website. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply.And do u mean I cannot record focus time and mind wondering time from app?Is it only Egg raw data I could record from it?


Muse Monitor will let you record raw EEG as well as individual brain waves (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Theta), Gyroscope and Accelerometer data. Unfortunately though, Interaxon’s Calm algorithm is not available to 3rd party apps.


[quote=“Enigma644, post:4, topic:2402”]
Hi Is there any way I could collects calm points data from muse app through muse monitor or other software? Where these data install now?Can I take out these data in excel or some other ways because my lab want to directly see the group members meditation ability.
Please reply asap So we can start to use these data many thanks


Sorry Interaxon don’t give 3rd party apps like Muse Monitor access to your brain wave data; and that’s a good thing :wink: So far as I’m aware Interaxon store all their data in their own cloud, so only they could give you access.


Hi thanks for reply and I am wondering this calm points is also use muse company app is it not possible collect through this app ?


And if I can not record this calm points data how can I know what kinds of person has higher meditation ability?how can use muse to do research ?


And when I record a data from muse monitor and save it in Dropbox but why I can not open in metlab do I need to transfer in different forms?


See this post for converting to matlab’s format.

Regarding the calm/meditation score, Interaxon have not published their algorithm, so you would have to work out your own method, sorry. I really wish this information was available through their API, but unfortunately it is not!


Was looking for the same, but still the same issue persist without the older version.