How Do You Know When the Headband is Fully Charged?


The instructions say only that the headband should be fully charged after about three hours. Is there any change in the light on the headband or any other indication that will let us know when it is fully charged?

I believe there is an indicator in the Muse app and the MuseMonitor app. But it is inconvenient to not know for sure until you link the headband to the app.


If you’re using the 2016 version, you can view the battery life by turning on the headband, and then pressing the power button once. The power indicator will then flash once with how much power is left.

Not sure how better to put that into words, but it should make sense when you do it yourself.


I have the latest version headband. I bought it a couple weeks ago. Does the latest version indicate battery life? I don’t have the headband with me. I’ll have to check it out later.

But I don’t recall the meager instruction manual saying anything about how to check the battery life without using the Muse app.

By the way, I sent the Muse company an email a few days ago, asking them about this. They never answered my email. Not very good customer service, in my opinion. They need to be more involved with customer support. Seems they are more interested in working with the developers. At least that is my impression so far.


I tried what you said on my headband. My new Muse headband does indicate power level when you press the power button once after turning it on. I don’t remember reading this in the little instruction manual. It should be in the manual!


It’s in the Quick Start Guide, on the page that describes what the lights mean. But I can see it being difficult to notice.


Thanks for the feedback.

The most up-to-date Quick Start Guide can be found online at:


Your link is dead.


No it’s not. Worked for me just now.


You realize my comment is 6 MONTHS OLD. I would imagine it’d be fixed by now.