How is your progress with Muse?



I’m fairly new to Muse. I’ve been using Muse just over two months. I would love to hear from those who have been using Muse for longer. Do you see your Calm score improve over time?

I have definitely made some progress over this time. However, on bad days I become discouraged. I would love to hear some motivating stories.


Yes. My first session was in July, 2014 and the score was 35%. By January, 2015 my scores were consistently above 90%. Progress leading to that point wasn’t anywhere near linear – some days were good, some weren’t.

I didn’t do many sessions in February or March, but what got me motivated again was this three-minute video:

That’s some pretty compelling scientific evidence for the benefits of meditation. It’s enough, I think, to keep going and see what happens.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


Just what I needed. Thank you very much!

I wonder if it’s skill that one can take with us without using the Muse or would we slowly go back to our scattered brain way without…eventually…

Video very informative. :slight_smile:


To…no one in particular…two and a half months on I had a day when I felt I could achieve very calm wave on demand. Then it all went pear shape. Back to mad scatty uncontrollable mental activity. :frowning:


Quite happy with it, I’ve used it less and less over the last 8 months as it can take up to 5 minutes before the app connects on android (the phone connects instantly) .

When it just arrived I have been using it once a day for 3 weeks straight, after that I started skipping some days, up to 2 months in and only used it when I felt it could be beneficial.

I expected to see some degradation over time as there have sometimes 2 weeks between sessions, but I kept practicing to try to get to the same level while travelling on the bus etc. without the headset.

I’m very aware if I have a good or bad day and this will also show when using the muse, if there is a sporadic day that I don’t have the feeling that I can get to a satisfying level on my own I make sure to make some time to muse and have almost instant effect.

For 90% of the days I can get to a satisfying level and also this shows on the muse, I got up to 98% calm without much efforts.

Good to know is that I’ve also been using muse quite a bit with other apps, made some apps myself and am quite active in biohacking where I log activity through museLAB so having instant control is quite beneficial for testing time :slight_smile: and yes SDK works quite nicely if you do some studying :slight_smile:

If you don’t get to a satisfying point with just muse and breathing techniques, I could advise to have a look at different types of meditation.
For example; for me sitting perfectly still generates more brain activity than gently stretching my arms and feeling around in an empty void, the muse works quite stable even with gentle back stretches, but you have to learn till what point you can go.


Thank you for your reply. I was particularly interested to see whether you did experience degradation over time without using the muse - whether muse teaches a skill that you take away with or are you dependent on the muse for life.

Also wanting hear from people if their muse score deteriorate when suffering a cold virus!

More feedback, anyone???