How much lag?


How much lags of the data delivered from the sdk?
As we are developing a “realtime” mind-control switches, the lag is important factor to us.


[SIZE=13px]Different readings are sent out at different rates. Accelerometer and raw eeg seem to be most frequent at roughly every 15 ms. The brainwave band powers at more like every 100 ms, and then things like the battery readings arrive only every 10 seconds. As far as actual lag, my experience (getting osc messages into Max for Live) shows readings can easily arrive +/- a dozen or two ms from those paces.[/SIZE]


I think what jcdic is asking, and what I’m interested in as well, is the latency. That is the amount time from when the signal actually occurs, and when the data is delivered. So, if you sent an impulse through an electrode at time t=0, at what time would that impulse be read in software after passing through filters, wireless transmission, etc.