How to automatic reconnect the MUSE 2016?


I m using MUSE 2016 with Win10, libSDK6.0.1, the bluetooth connectivity is annoying and the device disconnected once i move my head to another direction.
So i just want to reconnect the device automatically, dont want to push “disconnect” and “connect” buttons every time it got lost on connection.
In the gettingData example project, i tried to add some code in “update_ui()” fuction, once the connect state is disconnect, start the task “my_muse_->run_asynchronously()” again.
Sometimes it worked, but the application keep crashed frequently without useful information to track back the problem.

Is there any example of how to reconncet the MUSE?

Any help will be appriated, thx!


I’m using MUSE 2016 with Android SDK.

I don’t know how it looks on Win SDK, but in android you have listener “receiveMuseConnectionPacket”, and you can check “ConnectionState”. If it’s disconnected, I startListening again.

Maybe you can have something similar.