How to change output frequency for EEG data?


These presets ( are specifying the output frequency for EEG data. The default is set to 220. When reading the EEG data using the IOS API, I am seeing 220 measurements per second.

I only need 50 measurements. Can I configure this using the API?

I created a new object from the class IXNMuseConfiguration ( using the init method where I can set every setting individually.
But how to I attach this created object to my muse that I am reading?


I’m also interested is there any why to lower the frequency of EEG data because 220Hz is a lot for mobile app to handle.


The sampling frequency can’t be turned down in the firmware, but you can downsample it in your app. There are a number of techniques for downsampling EEG - it’s worth looking at the documentation for EEGLab for some great examples.