How to compute concentration / mellow


Hello, I just want to know how to compute mellow and concentration base on the RAW eeg signals. I hope I can get the formula for concentration and mellow. I need the formula because I have an old recording and it don’t have the concentration and mellow yet.

Thank you.


I’m interested in that too. I am making first attempts with the device, but the values are no longer available. Even if the question lies far in the past: Is there an answer to this?


I believe they were just tracking Alpha for Mellow and Delta for Concentration, so for the first 30 secs you get an average value, then from that point on any increases or decreases are used to increase/decrease the Mellow/Concentration level. They discontinued it because they said it wasn’t a very good indicator and I would agree.

I implemented it in Muse Monitor, but I’m not happy with it, so it’s hidden. If you want to try it out, go in to settings and right at the bottom tap “Muse Monitor” 10 times to unlock them.