How to configure and save the muse lab data!


Thank you for your help to run muse-io. How can i configure , save and read the data if i load the data using json extention how can i view the data?


I believe that you will need to run Muse Player be able to save and load data. That requires the entire SDK to be installed, not just the first step to install the downloadable package.


Yah when i am trying to download
2.3) Download SciPy installation for Python 2.7:
and [SIZE=3]2.4) Download NumPy installation for Python 2.7:[/SIZE]
I haven’t find any execuable— like mentioned[/U]
Run the executable and it will find your Python installation path and install for you.
Follow wizard to the end and finish installation.
After setup wizard, winsow is poping up cannot install coz. Python version 3.3 is required.
Can you please suggest what is the solution


You’ve downloaded the wrong scipy and/or numpy. Follow the links again and make sure to download the 2.7 version of the installer.


Thank you, I downloaded what you mentioned but now i have this error message like
No module named google.protobuf
and i want know, by muse-player run what data i am going to get .(is it going to format my data from muse-lab recorded as txt file which has a lot of data ?)


I’m sorry if I sound like a complainer here. I think that many of us are having problems installing the SDK and not all of these problems can be attributed to human error.

I believe that someone needs to test all of the SDK install instructions from scratch on updated OS’s (for all platforms) that have not have been previously had the SDK installed. It looks like goutami is running Windows. I am on the Mac and have not been able to get the SDK to install completely (see the URL at the bottom of this message.)

Is there a proper place to report errors in the online developer documentation? I welcome contact by the Muse team to help get this fixed, at least for the Mac instructions. I would be happy to help. I have reported these problems in forums and no updates have been made to the docs.

One problem in the Mac SDK install process is in step 2.4. The paths shown include a “local” component which does not exist on Mac OS X 10.9, so no libraries will ever be found at these paths. This can be fixed by removing the “local” from both of the paths so they read as /usr/include and /usr/lib. These paths may have existed on older versions of Mac OS X, but they don’t now.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to get beyond step 2.4 as the build step always fails.

There are more details of the problems I am having in this post :



Thank you for all your support. I am a student and i am exploring on Muse data. Sorry for my English.
Right now i am getting the muse-lab recorded data like this
B some chars—
0/muse/eeg ffff 834.005 834.005 830.7151 842.2299[1]
5 some chars—
#/muse/eeg/quantization iiii 1 1 1 1[1]—etc
I would like to know about muse-lab DSP signals and DSP functions, is it makes any difference if I create them, if so how to create them like signals and functions.



Which software are you using to see Muse-Lab recorded data ?
It´s not saved as pure text, but Google Protocol Buffers format wich is the format used by Muse, and it’s binary data.
That is why you need to follow exactly what is said in step 2.2 to build and install Google Protocol Buffers to be able to use Muse-Player to see it, play it again, or convert to another format (eg. CSV - witch is text also and can be imported in Excel for example, if you wish).

BTW, sorry for my English too, my language is portuguese.


I am using notepad ++ to see Muse_Lab recorded data
Yes sir I followed step 2.2 to build and install Google Buffers but I have this error message when run muse-player

Trace back <most recent call last>:
File “C:\Program Files <X86>\Muse\”, line 4, in <module>
from input_handler import*
File “C:\Program Files <X86>\Muse\”, line 7, in <module>
from proto_reader_v1 import*
File “C:\Program Files <X86>\Muse\”, line 1, in <module>
from Muse_v1 import*
File “C:\Program Files <X86>\Muse\”, line 4, in <module>
From google.protobuf import descriptor as _descripter
ImportError: No module named google.protobuf
what is wron with my downloads i couldn’t figure out.


[SIZE=16px]Hi goutami,

Your “Trace Back” shows that, for some reason, Google Protocol Buffers was not installed. Or something went wrong during installation:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12px]To install, from your command prompt window you shoul be at:[/SIZE]
[B]C:[/B][B]protobuf-2.5.0\python[/B] (if you have uncompressed the zip file at you C: root).
And after “python build” and “python test” and "python install"
you should have a lot of new directories and files as shown on the image above.

Also, inside your Python27\Lib\site-packages directory there will be new file:

After that, if everything is OK, then you can use to take input from your .muse recorded file and output it to a text file
using the CSV output option. Then, not only you can see real text muse data, but import it, for example, into Excel and make some
interesting experiences - like a graph from DSP processed data (filtering fields like Alpha, Beta, Delta, etc. using Muse-Player -i parameter)
The image bellow shows one that I made from 3 minutes of a 2 hours sleeping record with a predominance of Delta and Theta (wich I suppose
should be expected since I was sleeping. Good luck !


Thank You for clear explanation
Yes Sir,
I have everything that you have shown in directories and files except pyliblo-0.9.2 and my is empty, I installed and run the python list also as you mentioned .
I couldn’t figure out what is the problem!


Hi Eduardo,
After reinstalling every thing from step 2.2
now i am not getting any errors but by typing
C:\Program Files <x86>Muse>
i am getting again
C:\Program Files <x86>Muse>
does this mean it run as it should be! and if i see it is empty.
Please give me further details…