How to connect my muse eeg headset to windows 7


I am a new users of Muse EEG headset. Please help me out with some of the basic question.

  1. Muse HW version: I bought the headset during in Nov 2016. It only has 1 USB port on it. I guess that’s the 2016 version. Please validate.
  2. The MUSE is paired with my windows 7 PC through Bluetooth. When I try to run muse-io -device XXXX, I kep got connection failure. What is the cause and how to resolve that?
  3. Without success in running muse-io command, how could use MuseLab program to visualize/monitor signal?
  4. What are other options on WINDOWS system to visualize/monitor signal?

Thanks for your help!



  1. Yes, You have the 2016 version. The 2014 version has 2 USB ports.
  2. Muse-io is currently not able to detect or connect to the Muse 2016 headband (even if it is paired). It only works with the Muse 2014 headband.
  3. MuseLab can visualize the data it receives from an OSC stream. Normally this data arrives from muse-io, but there are third party applications that can also send the data as an OSC stream.
  4. It is possible to connect the Muse 2016 headband to an Android or iOS device and stream the data as an OSC stream to a Windows machine with a third party application. Muse Monitor is a popular one. If you have Windows 10, you can also use the LibMuse SDK to develop your own Windows application to connect to the Muse 2016 headband and forward the data. If neither of those options are viable, please contact the Muse customer care team and they should be able to arrange an exchange of the 2016 headband for a 2014 headband.


Thanks for the answer! Can the 2016 MUSE EEG be connected to a MAC using musi-io command?


No. It can not.



Thanks again for your answer!

Now I have a 2016 Muse EEG. The manufacturer provoided software package can’t be connected it to a PC, or a Mac.

Could you share the insight about if Muse manfacturer has a plan to make the 2016 version EEG connectable to a PC, when when it is going to be released? Is there a Beta version now to try out?



I can confirm that a way to connect a Muse 2016 headband directly to a PC is in development, but I can’t comment on release dates. There is nothing available now, but when something is available (full release and/or beta) it will be announced on this forum.


I got a Muse headset for New Year this year. And I feel very “calm” the readings are at the top of the active chart. You can’t see the raw EEG data using the “Calm” app, but you can download the SDK that supposedly allows you to read the raw data. I downloaded the SDK, but I cannot figure out how to use it (yet). I love the idea of the device, but the “Calm” app isn’t useful at this point. I am hoping that someone develops a different application for the device like a game or something like some guidance.