How to convert the muse files into csv or mat formats using Win7 or CentOS 7


Dear all,

After many tries followed by on Window 7 and CentOS Linux, I still can not figure out how to convert the muse files into csv or mat formats.

Could you please give me a hand on more detailed steps?

Thank a million…


Highlight the folder that museplayer.exe is found in. Then hold shift and right-click the folder. You should see “open command window here” as one of the options; select it.

Now you should be able to run: museplayer -f /path/to/file.muse -C /path/to/new.csv

If you’re having trouble getting the file paths correct, you can instead place the muse file in the same folder as museplayer.exe. That would let you run: museplayer -f file.muse -C new.csv

Of course, replace file.muse with the name of your muse file.

Also, if you’re trying to build the project from that bitbucket repository, you can instead install MusePlayer via the Research Tools installer on this page.


Thank you Poeticode for your prompt reply! It is very useful.

Now I can convert the data, but still, don’t know why I need to build the project from bitbucket. I failed many times when I follow the steps from The main error is that I can not build the executable file muse-play.exe.


You don’t need the source code unless you want to modify it.

You can download it from here:


Thank you Enigma644! Maybe sometime when I family with the ‘muse’ I would like to modify it, as I love brain-computer interface. It’s a amazing way in the near future.