How To Do Real Time "Brain Mapping"? Please Help!

Hi, I have the Muse 2 headband and for some time I have been gathering brain maps of the different brain waves using the Opti Brain App. The problem is that for the kind of research I’m doing, I need real time brain mapping. Opti Brain scans your brain for a short period of time and then afterwards gives you a map of the scan it took. What I want to do though is have a Real Time brain map. This way, for example, I could look how the map changes when I start reading a book. Then I could be like, “reading strengthens this part of the brain by spiking these certain brain waves in this area, so now I know I can spend a lot of time reading to make this area stronger.” Does anyone know an IOS App that I could put on my IPad that would allow me to see my brain maps in Real Time? Or at least a program with bluetooth that I could put on my Windows 10 computer to do this Real Time mapping? Also, keep in mind I want a Real Time “Brain Map,” where it shows a picture of a brain with different colors. I already know you can get real time line graph readings and I have done this, but what I want is a real time visual of the brain. Thanks.