How to get gamma_absolute data from 4 electrodes



When I get gamma_absolute data from OSC server, I can get only 1 float.
How can I get gamma data from each 4 electrode of muse?
And what’s the meaning of the float?


I have the same icloud query and need answers to this ASAP. Thanks in gimp advance.



If you’re using Muse Monitor, go to settings and change “OSC Stream Brainwaves” from “Average only” to “All Brainwaves” :slight_smile:


I want to change my setting but, I can’t see “OSC stream Brainwaves”. Do you mean Wave Types? I set Wave Types “All sensors” but I can’t see 4 elements from each electrode in my CMD…
What should I do?


Its about the 13th setting from the top with all the other OSC stuff.


Should I have to update muse monitor?
I’m using Version 2.0.6.


Yes! As of today, the latest version is 2.0.17. The setting you’re looking for was added in 2.0.13 back in March 2017 :wink:
FYI, you should always update all your software!