How to open *.muse


I record my brain wave by muselab record,but how to open it ,how to see my brain wave information?




Hi fanhui,

You must use the command prompt Muse-Player tool of the SDK to replay back the Muse-Lab recorded file choosing OSC as output (-s parameter), choose a port e.g. osc.udp://localhost:5000 and you can open Muse-Lab to see it, like it was live playing from Muse.

I’m going to check it now and will come back soon. Because I know that the latest version of Muse-Player 1.6.0 is giving errors and crashes when recording .muse files, but it maybe OK for replaying back muse files.


Hi there,

Yep, you should be able to do something like:

 muse-player -f recordings/test.muse -s  osc.udp://localhost:5000 

​…with MuseLab listening for UDP on port 5000.


thanks for you help,i am a meditation teacher,so i have question about signal options,what does alpha_absolute() and gamma_absolute means?
when i use muse,the gamma_absolute is aboving 1 point ,what dose is meanning ?
forgive my poor english .thanks


it still can not open…


Hi fanhui,

Please, forgive my english too :slight_smile:
Sorry, but I’m not skilled to say anything about brain waves … I’ve been working with electronics and computers for the last 40 years, just started beeing interested in neurosciences and BCI when I knew about Muse six months ago. Take a look at the References in the SKD development site - there’s a reference to a big series of video lectures from UCSD there.

About Muse-Player, I have used a lot until last version to record and replay .muse files, but the new version is crashing when recording, and locking when replaying - it’s probably some bugs due to the changes on the messages paths and the Google Protocol Buffers. (I’m talking about the Windows install, I don’t have MAC’s or Linux).

I hope they give us a fix soon !



Hi fanhui,

The [B]absolute [/B]band powers are just the sum of the powers for the frequencies in a particular band of the spectrum. The [B]relative [/B]band powers are the sum of the powers in a certain frequency band divided by the sum of the powers in all the other frequency bands. So the relative band powers represent how much of the signal (i.e. a percentage) is made up of oscillations in a particular band. You can read descriptions of all the different data streams here:

As for replaying the recordings with MusePlayer, what kind of machine are you using - Windows, Mac, Linux?


thanks,my machine is windows8.1.


Hi fanhui,

Have you tried with the newly updated SDK (3.2.0)?