How to read error data


I have muse-player running and /muse/config says “error_data_enabled”:true, but I do not see where in the feed I get that data. Or is that just /muse/elements/horseshoe ? Where is that data that muse-io displays as Noise: [ 0.8% 0.8% 0.8% 0.0% ] for example ?


According to the doc’s, my interpretation of this flag “error_data_enabled” in /muse/config path has to do with possible internal errors of the Muse hardware / firmware and nothing to do with EEG data itself. so you’ll never (and it’s desirable) see any data about it.

Take a look at the Muse Communication Protocol (MCP)

[h=3]Error Packet[/h] This is internal health information raised by checks in the firmware. 32bit flag field, so payload length is 4 byte. It would be highly unusual to receive a packet of this type. It is safe to simply drop this type of packet.
Contents: 1 byte header, 4 byte payload

Also at the Available Presets you can set with Muse-IO (if you use presets 10 or 12 you will turn this flag “off”):

About the Noise output of muse-io there’s some info at the Muse-IO Tutorial:

but (as allways) there’s no explanation how it’s calculated … probably it’s another of those secret sauce’s of Interaxon :slight_smile:




I guess my question was how to access the noise out of muse-io in muse-player.