How to run Calm App without User Account


[SIZE=16px]Hi I just received the brain sensor today, it cost me 314 us$. it looks really nice!

However, when starting the Calm app (in my Iphone6), I found this app require me to register an user account or login before running. This is a big trouble to me, I can Not connect to your server as I’m in China now. Is there any way to run the Calm app without Login ? [/SIZE]


Hi Leo,

You need to have an account to use the Calm app. I would suggest you use a VPN service of some kind to register an account. There are many of these services available as apps in China that should enable you to register Calm.


Hi again,

I just talked to some of our team members and we’ve all had good experiences with ExpressVPN ( in the past, if you want to give that a try. Let me know how it goes!


It works, thank you!