How to see signal quality in MuseLab?


When I am using the Muse in the app on my iPad, there is in the corner a graphic that shows the 4 sensors. A solid colored dot on that sensor’s place indicates that the sensor is in position and transmitting correctly. An absent or unfilled shape indicates the sensor is not against the skin or is transmitting poorly. In the MuseLab, I see a very similar graphic in the Visualizer. When my scrolling line graph is up, there is a headband shaped graphic next to the battery level on the upper right. However, it is blank inside. (Same picture you would see in the app if all the sensors were not touching your forehead.) Does this mean that the headband is not positioned correctly? Or if I am reading this wrong, is there any way inside the MuseLab you can check if the headband is positioned correctly? Thanks!


Hi there,

To get Muselab to properly provide information about signal quality in that display you need to run Muse-IO with the --dsp option. This gives the outputs like touching_forehead and is_good for all the electrodes. Hope that helps.


That works! Thanks.