How to use Muse Monitor OSC streaming?


Is this the right calculation?

alpha_relative = (10^alpha_absolute / (10^alpha_absolute + 10^beta_absolute + 10^delta_absolute + 10^gamma_absolute + 10^theta_absolute))

so do I need to calculate without the 10^…?

If I’ll got some 3rd party algorithms, I’ll let you know!



Correct. Absolute values are on a log scale, so the power conversion converts it back to a linear scale.


can i inter-phase with Matlab?


If you mean interface, then I believe the answer is yes. I’ve not done it myself, as I don’t own MatLab, but there are others on the forum who have successfully streamed OSC to MatLab.
If one of those people would like to post instructions for that, I would be very grateful! :wink: