I appreciate MUSE

Hello I’m Gamesbx
Muse took my meditation practice to a whole new level. It is valid for any level of meditator. Real-time feedback on the four areas of my brain at once is amazing. I also recommend the MuseMonitor app to unleash the power of Muse.
I have only used it a few times so far, but I really like it. It connects easily and I like the voices and instructions provided. It seems to be well formed and will take us through a good progress. Probably better to ask me for three months. If I still use it later, I would be very happy.
As far as possible. It makes meditation more fun and interesting. Not sure that the birds actually correspond to a calm mind but that made me meditate more often and in a more focused way so that I wouldn’t get hurt!
Muse is a great product!
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Hi GamesBX2910!

It’s about 3 months now. What do you say?