I can't hear sound from the device

How do you hear sound?

The sound comes from a mobile device (iPhone/Android phone) that is running our app, Muse Calm. It does not come directly from the Muse itself.

Thank you Tom. The app itself is not sending out any music and that is confusing me. I have an ipad 2.

Do you know for certain that the sound on your iPad is working overall?

If it is only the Calm app that isn’t making sound, try closing it and opening it again (i.e. actually exit the app using the double-tap and sweep up gestures on the iPad). If the sound is working correctly, you should hear background music while navigating through the app menus, and the sound of wind blowing during a session.

I’m having trouble hearing sound from the Calm app on my iPhone. It was working fine and now it’s not. I tested other apps and can hear sound from iTunes and Audible on my phone. I’ve quit the app and re-started. I’ve shut down the phone and re-started. One other time, the bluetooth was connecting to my jawbone and so I wasn’t hearing the sound on my iPhone but this time, the Jawbone was off and there were no other connections. I was connected to bluetooth in my car, which is new, but when I go to Settings, the car is showing as Not Connected in the Bluetooth list. I’m not hearing sound when I browse through the menus, when it calibrates or when the session begins. Any other ideas of what to try?

@Melisa, did you use an earset or just speaker when you said you can’t hear sound? Can you also double check if iphone is muted? If none of them is your case, could you try to force quit and relaunch Muse Calm?

See, I am having trouble hearing sound from the iTunes on my iPhone. I reboot my device, quit the app and restarted. But couldn’t fix the issue. still I couldn’t hear any sound from my device. Then by following https://itunessupport.org/blog/how-to-restore-iphone-without-updating/ I got the proper solution.

Hi, can you sense the right side pressure of voice. Thou my external device working fine, I guess issue with muse. Any way out rather than buying a new one?

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