I can't install ANYTHING


musesdk-3.4.1-windows-installer and libmuse-android_1.3.0-windows-installer were downloaded TWICE to different locations. I open either one and just see a WHITE box. I could meditate on it for HOURS and it doesn’t do anything. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I have Win 8.1. What are the system requirements?


I’ve just tried installing libmuse-android_1.3.0 on Windows 8.1, and it seems to work. Just to be clear, you’re seeing just a white box after you start the installer, and nothing else? Or does the installer run and finish, but then nothing else happens?

Do you see a short wide rectangle or a nearly-square rectangle? Is there a window decoration (“X”, minimize, maximize buttons) around it or not?

What system are you running the installers on? How much RAM does it have? How fast is its CPU? How much free disk space do you have?

Answer as much of that as you can, and feel free to say “not sure” for anything you’re unsure about. Hopefully we can get to the root of the problem.


I’ve only got 16 GB of Ram on an I7 processor. It’s a DELL

If anyone want to do a remote session, let me know. I use TeamViewer.


I am trying to post the screenshot.


Here it is sent from a file.


For the past four months MUSE have totally IGNORED my repeated, repeated, requests for assistance: it will not recognise the password. Save yourself time and months of totally futile frustration: demand a refund, let others know of your experience.


Hi Jenny,

Sorry to hear that you’ve had so much trouble signing in. There is a case in our customer care system for your issue to which we’ve responded - is it possible that the responses have been filtered into your Spam or Junk folder?

Our Customer Care team would like to reach out to you as soon as possible. Is the phone number on your support ticket the best way to do that? If not, if you send me a private message with the phone number you would prefer, we will contact you right away.