I can't receive beta data from muse monitor app


i purchased muse monitor app. muse paired well with the muse monitor app well. but horseshoe have only one black outline. so in csv file, alpha, beta, etc’s value is blank. so i send email and i receive reply. “To get a good sensor connection, first remove all the hair away from your head and ears. Next dip your finger in some water and rub it over the whole headband to get the sensors damp. Then put on the headband and tighten it up. Then wait for 2-3 minutes for the water to evaporate and a thin band of sweat will form the sensor connection. While you are waiting for the connection, switch to the raw view. In this view the smaller the bumps in the graph the better the connection.” so i tried but nothing changed.

what can i do ? help me please.


In the screenshot that you have here, the Muse is reporting a bad connection on all channels. It does not start to calculate any brain wave values until at least the front two sensors are connected ok, so that’s why everything is stuck on the starting value of 50dB. What’s interesting in this screenshot is that the battery level is not showing. The battery level is reported approximately every 10 seconds, so it is possible that your headband has a hardware problem, or that your particular phone model is not compatible.

The view you have above is the absolute view, which is not very helpful when you’re trying to get your headband fit correct. I would advise that you switch to the raw view (shown below); in this view you can see the raw eeg data, with each line representing a single sensor on the headband. When you first put on the headband you will see each line jumping up and down a lot. As the headband settles down, the bumps in the line will get smaller until they look similar to the pattern below. The only time you should see a large spike in the pattern is when you blink, or clench your jaw.

If you’re still having problems, please go to settings, set your “Recording Interval” to “Constant”, and send me a three minute recording to Support@MuseMonitor.com and I will take a look.