I got a Muse for Research and Dev, and I cant use it


Hey Muse team,

I am currently doing research using VR and brainwaves. On that note, I made a project using the Mindwave Neurosky device last year and I decided to make another project this year using the Muse.

Finally, I can’t find a way to download the SDK at all. I understand a company stopping to support an SDK, but I don’t understand a company that not even offers the option for devs to download the code and work with it.

Everywhere I go I get this wordpress page asking for a password… I already sent an email to the Muse team asking for access and got no response.


Would love access to the same. Let me know if you get a response.


Unfortunately, I am in the same situation


Hi, please fill out the access form and you’ll receive your password for the developer tools by email.


Thanks a lot. But would have been nicer to get replies to emails, particularly when you invite to write emails…


Anybody know how long it takes to get a password after filling out the access form?


After my experience during the last year with mail, chat, forum I suppose: with 95% probability never.


Hi Graeme, unfortunately I can’t access the ‘access form’ either as that is not public ! Like the others here, I bought this device specifically because there was an SDK and a developer community which is a huge benefit.


I am considering getting Muse for a project. Are you able to assess its performance, ergonomics, support; etc. and compare it with Mindwave Neurosky?


Don’t do, the SDK does not seem to be further available and there is no support at all


Thanks for your reply.

What is missing from the following sdk link for running a project?:


Nice to see that Muse has started to remove the password protection previously enabled for most of the links. Unfortunately, still getting the same error trying to Get Started with research tools for Mac:

In any case, blocked because on Mac and Muse-IO is no longer compatible with Muse 2. The only option seems to be to pay for Muse Direct, though just available for Windows 10


Indeed, super weird that you get to download SDK and examples, but some tools are available, some tools are not. For example why do I have access to iOS api reference but not windows? Also most of the tools are available while others are not :man_shrugging: