I got a Muse for Research and Dev, and I cant use it


Hey Muse team,

I am currently doing research using VR and brainwaves. On that note, I made a project using the Mindwave Neurosky device last year and I decided to make another project this year using the Muse.

Finally, I can’t find a way to download the SDK at all. I understand a company stopping to support an SDK, but I don’t understand a company that not even offers the option for devs to download the code and work with it.

Everywhere I go I get this wordpress page asking for a password… I already sent an email to the Muse team asking for access and got no response.


Would love access to the same. Let me know if you get a response.


Unfortunately, I am in the same situation


Hi, please fill out the access form and you’ll receive your password for the developer tools by email.


Thanks a lot. But would have been nicer to get replies to emails, particularly when you invite to write emails…


Anybody know how long it takes to get a password after filling out the access form?


After my experience during the last year with mail, chat, forum I suppose: with 95% probability never.