I have been using the Muse 1 headband for 2 days and I already want my money back

So the promise of muse has been attractive to me for awhile and this is the first time I’ve bought neurofeedback equipment.

Naturally I was quite excited to try it out and it arrived over the weekend. I’ve done 8 sessions over the past two days totaling 2hr 30m.

My calm score, recovery, and birds seem to be totally uncorrelated with my internal state.

I’ve wet the electrodes, tried doing mental math (even in my second language) as other users have suggested during calibration but the results are still inconsistent. In fact, I was experimenting with it and the highest calm score I’ve got (61%) and most birds was when I wasn’t meditating and was listening to down with the sickness by Disturbed and comparable results when I was just browsing reddit.

And conversely the session when I subjectively experienced the most calm I had the lowest calm score! The rest of the sessions seem to be random.

I’m quite disappointed that the results are so inconsistent. I didn’t expect the Muse to be super accurate or anything, I was hoping it would be better than just listening to a guided meditation but it appears its downright useless and perhaps even counter productive if it’s not giving you accurate feedback about your internal state.

I have seen several youtube videos of people who have been able to write text or control drones etc, with the muse headset, so it seems like that hardware itself does measure something in the brain and may not be complete garbage, but the official muse app needs to be taken back to the drawing board with these results.

you’re probably doing what a lot of people including me did. You’re starting to meditate during calibration. Don’t meditate during calibration.

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I am definitely not doing that. I simply follow the instructions.

Same here…

I thought something was kind of off with how I was getting birds at moments when I would notice my mind WAS wandering… So, I tried to intentionally test it. I started running through song lyrics, summoning up images - anything BUT focusing on my breath… and Muse still says I’m doing great, gives me non-stop birds and tells me I was calm for 8 minutes out of a 10 minute session. I’m not sure how I should interpret this as anything other than the product not working at all. If there is not some trick to make it actually work, I’m just going to return it. This is very disappointing for such an expensive device.