I just bought the monitor and i also have the muse app can i use these both at the sametime?



Anyone know? I know what delta thelta and all the brain waves are but how do i use it with muse? and how do i see how long it was recorded? Ty


Unfortunately you can only use one at a time as the apps need to connect directly to the device.


thank you so much

i have been meditating using youtube visulizations and seem to get a lot of birds and my mind is so blank because of the patterns and collors keep me in a hypnotized state. Forgive my english i am ESL. But keeping my eyes open like this watcching all the colors okay?


Yes, you can keep your eyes open.

Eye muscle movement will affect the signal, so looking left and right quickly is not good, but if you are only doing small slow eye movements, such as watching the graph, this will be Ok.