I’m I getting bad data?


I’ve only been using muse for 3 days but the graphs I’m getting feel suspicious. Admittedly I’ve never meditated in my life prior to this. All of the “raw data” graphs look extremely similar and basically just jump up and down between calm and active every few seconds. This happens whether I’m trying very hard to focus on breath or I intentionally let go and think about work/life stress. No change in pattern either way.
This leads me to to think one of two things is happening, either the unit is not working properly or I have absolutely no clue how to focus.
Is there any way to test and see which one of these it could be?


It appears as though the problem could be the calibration. I improvised on my guitar during calibration and during the first half of the session and then focused on my body the second half of the session and was in the “calm” the ENTIRE second half of the session. Further, I did the same on muse monitor and noticed a marked increase in alpha waves for the second half of the session.
Full disclosure I had just got back from a wine bar and had 4 or so glasses of wine and had also been diagnosed with ADD as a child.
Problem solved I guess?.?.?.


I miss the clue… so it’s a calibration problem?


I think I was basically going into meditation at the calibration and it uses calibration as a comparative baseline so my readings were coming out goofy.