I need a session for a very specific purpose


What I really really need is a session or muse app that is specifically designed to help you stop thinking about thinking, put your mind into a state of equilibrium, and help your mind create proper reference points. Someone PLEASE help me out


That sounds a lot like what the Muse app does, which of those points does it fail on for you?


I just want to know more about which session would be best for that specific purpose. There seems to be a number of different sessions for different purposes and the app doesn’t really describe the differences between them.


What you want is brain.fm. You do not need a MUSE to get what you want. Try their Relax - Guided Meditation product and follow their recommendations (dark room/eyes covered, good headphones).


I use the “mind meditation” without instructions. I calibrate the muse by keeping my mind fairly quiet and then I must work harder to get in a deeper non-thinking space to get the the sound to dim and the birds to chirp.