I want to help localize the apps


Hello all,

I am a Czech software developer who has previous experience with localization of applications. I know some other people who have localization experience.

I would like to localize the Muse apps into Czech and German. I believe that product like Muse should communicate with the user in their native language. If the app runs in English and the user is not a native English speaker, the associated mental effort will probably hamper their attempts to calm down entirely.

I would do the Czech localization myself and the German localization with help of my German-Czech acquaintance, who is a professional interpreter/translator. We are both interested in Muse.

FYI, Czech is spoken by 10,5 million people and German by over 90 million people in Europe.

Is such a proposal interesting for you?


I have messaged you privately about localizing Muse Monitor. :slight_smile:

If anyone else speaks other languages and would like to help please let me know. I currently have a French translation underway.


Hi. Yes, why not. How many strings are there in Muse Monitor?


Approximately 230. There are 9 large sections of text for the help and the rest are short sentences or single words for the settings page, of which there are quite a few! :wink:


OK, let’s go. As for me, I can prepare the Czech translation. I cannot speak for my German friend, who was interested in Muse proper, but IDK if she is going to work on Muse Monitor as well.

By the way. Slavic languages have a strange way of forming plurals. We usually have specific plural for 2, 3 or 4 objects, and specific plural for 5 and more. For example

1 postel (one bed)
2, 3, 4 postele (2, 3, 4 beds)
5, 6, 7… posteli (5, 6, 7 beds)

The source code must count with this strange property of Slavic languages if it is to display messages correctly (like “You get 3 points” vs. “You get 5 points”).


Email me and I will send you the Excel translation sheet.


Look in your Inbox.


I can help with Japanese and Mandarin if we have gotten that far in the process. I also noticed that a lot of the developer apps are mostly for IOS. I feel like that is a huge disadvantage for the system. I just purchased a Muse over the Emotiv because I saw the potential in this but I feel rather discouraged because of the low market


@aiojou Japanese and Mandarin would be great, thank you! Please email me.

Muse Monitor is for both iOS and Android.


I can help with Italian if you are interested


Yes please! Email me at Support@MuseMonitor.com :slight_smile:


Me gustaría saber si existen aplicaciones en español. Lo hablan mas de 700 millones en el mundo. Saludos